On the ball

Phase one was the kitchen remodel where we had to stick to the footprint based on limited replacement tiles. Phase two was the master bathroom which had a threshold to cross that allowed me to present a complimentary material for the flooring so we could make real improvements and changes to the layout.

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We removed an unused tub and created a spa-like locker with towel/robe hooks and storage. Even though the shower kept the same space, adding soap niches, a shower bench and a seamless glass enclosure was a huge overall improvement. For the vanity area, being at an angle with two sinks and just plastering cabinets to fit the space was to be expected. We decided to create two freestanding pieces of furniture that had a ton of storage with single framed mirrors. Lighting was important and improving the recessed can light layout with adding sconces to throw more illumination around the mirrors did the trick.