Piece of Cake

The client challenged the interior designer and I to create: 1) an eat in kitchen 2) maintain existing flooring 3) make it interesting. The layout was jam packed and the design was busy, too many things were trying to be crammed into the space. Challenge accepted.

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Starting on the refrigerator side, we eliminated a pantry for a more open feeling and adding counter space. Taller storage and better organization would offset any perceived loss of storage and the look improved tremendously. For the island, the prep sink was overkill so we decided to cap it off and narrow up the width to give better walkways. We integrated table seating for four for entertaining. Finally, for the L-shape with cooktop and main sink, we had a perfect opportunity to run the cabinets to the ceiling and create a real focal point and of course better storage and accessibility. To make it interesting, we had a couple tricks up our sleeves. Changing the island footprint left us with a flooring challenge which we solved with a new pattern tile outlining the new shape and we also waterfalled the countertop edges. We created a two tone color scheme to help break up the monotony and perk it up. We added glass doors on our taller cabinets to create display. A few fabulous accessories by way of lighting, decorative hardware and backsplash and voila!