A contemporary View

What would you design if you could design anything you wanted? Would you frame in views, would you eliminate formal dining, would you choose stone floors over wood? Does one choice trump another, or do you throw caution to the wind and do things one way in one space and the opposite in another?

Project Images

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From the hood, that looks like a sculpture, to the single end waterfall island and the sky high-lighted display cabinets, every inch of storage in the kitchen was calculated for storage and placement. For the routine based kitchen tasks of shakes or coffee etc., the large walk-in pantry handles keeping the mess hidden from guests so they can appreciate all the view has to offer. Throughout the rest of the house, from the laundry to the bathrooms and the office, careful thought was put into the convenience of accessibility and building an aesthetic to fit the purpose. From casting hardware to match her grip, to customizing light fixtures for the exterior to match the size of nearby windows and to help bring cohesiveness to all the variations of materials, this owner did exactly what she wanted.