Amazing Grace

Repeat clients are in a different class. They have more confidence in you as a designer and themselves as a seasoned veteran. They have a good grasp on what it’s going to take to get the job done in terms of cost, time, and effort. The first house was a simple update, for this house, walls were coming down, additions added-on and we were going for broke!

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When the space in the kitchen didn’t allow for a large enough island we took over some patio and relocated the laundry room to make space for wine storage and a desk. When the dining room was closed off from the living room, we knocked down all the walls in the middle of the house to create an open floor plan and added a wall of doors to extend the living space outside. Once we designed the master suite to fit the vanity and walk-in shower, we decided it would be nice to have doors out to the patio, a separate closet for him and remember the laundry we moved, we decided it would be nice to just have that closer to the closets, so we did an another addition. It all came together and we turned an average subdivision home into a masterpiece!