Mixing Metal Finishes

Three common components that seem to repeat in a remodel are: 1) Keep the existing floor 2) Maintain general layout of appliances and plumbing 3) Improve the look and function. That seems pretty-basic, it could tend to get boring, but clients love to be wowed with a small detail that makes all the difference in the world.

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In the kitchen, the details that made the difference were: 1) stacking cabinets higher with glass on one side to add interest 2) adding dark bronze accessories to contrast against the white 3) varying the backsplash design on separate walls and taking it up around the hood area. In the bathroom, the details that made the difference were 1) filling in the floor for a freestanding tub with a natural pebble stone to look intentional 2) accenting with the same bronze in the fixtures and accessories 3) creating feature walls with tile art design.