Home Therapy

While the kitchen was being remodeled, the owner decided that having wonderful new spaces on both ends of the house with an incomplete middle was not good enough and thus started the great room remodel. A few structural changes increased the way the space would be used. A monochromatic palette and several lighting features were added. The structural change with the most impact to the space was removing the fireplace and small enclosed porch to create a wall of glass that opened up to a brand new patio that extended living space. The other change that was small but had a huge impact was taking out the heavy iron railing and wooden front door in exchange for frosted glass which is a light and joyful element.

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A therapeutic sifting through years of accumulated items and letting go of objects that no longer felt like they added joy left only artwork and a few sculptures which meant all new furniture and a whole new look. A brushed limestone tile in an intricate pattern was used for the floor downstairs and the stairway repeated the dark espresso finish of the kitchen in a porcelain plank. Solar powered woven shades allowed control of sky high windows while the addition of chandeliers, pendent fixtures, lamps and under cabinet lighting help create an inviting ambiance. Toning down the vibrant colors and being open to big changes in lifestyle helped us achieve a space that is peaceful and wonderful.