Classic Cues

On a whim, after having already gotten 4 project bids, the owner who drove by our showroom every day on the way to and from work thought he would get one more bid. After connecting by email with his wife and getting a better sense of what she was trying to achieve, we went to town on working out the solutions to her spatial needs and selecting the finishes and styles that made the statement she was looking for. Being fifth in line to propose my design and pricing was a blessing and a curse. From cabinet company to company, similar concepts are offered but they aren’t always identical. She was sold on an upper cabinet that extended to the counter with two drawers, but the manufacturer I was proposing only offered this cabinet with one drawer or three – three was the final decision. The other cabinet companies weren’t able to offer a trash pullout in a narrow 12” space, but ours did, so we adjusted some dimensions around the sink so we could incorporate a trash pullout. Finally, she had selected an accent crown molding trim with a rope detail and of course my company didn’t offer rope, but they had egg and dart accent and so it went.

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The owners had been researching for a long time before they got to me and had been disappointed in the response time they had been receiving. When it came to pricing, they were looking for something that was competitive and offered better quality than what they were taking out, but more importantly they were looking for someone to listen, communicate and give them options. They were handing their business over on a silver platter and receiving no takers. I had two competitive products that would suit what she was looking for and ultimately I think I could have been more or less expensive, but it was the service and response that gave them the confidence to move ahead with us. The outcome turned out very well we believe!