Dessert Bloom

Homeowner’s often ask “should I keep a tub for resale?” My response is “you can win 50% of buyers by keeping it and the other 50% by upgrading the shower.” Other common issues are sightlines of the toilet from other rooms, lack of storage and poor lighting. This bathroom hit the trifecta.

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In this particular scenario, the tub lost. We reconfigured the space to upsize the vanity to scale the entire wall the bathtub used to occupy and to include counter set storage. Once the vanity was squared away, the availability to open a new door around the corner to access the toilet presented itself. Several opportunities came about to improve lighting. First, we took out weak glass block and replaced it with a strong picture window. Next, we added recessed cans to give a nice even overall light with warm pendant lights framing the vanity mirrors. Lastly to go the extra mile, we added glass in the door to brighten the toilet space and a partial glass wall to do the same for the shower.