Curve Appeal

After remodeling their kitchen and seeing how a designer can create storage and organization while achieving a desired aesthetic, the owner asked us to tackle her bathroom. On her dream list was better organization, a walk-in shower, a make-up vanity and to create a beach like feminine feel. The owner found the storage tower right when you walked in the door cumbersome to use. We divided what she was storing into categories and made separate cubbies for items that stay plugged in, for "fancy" items to be displayed and for "stocked" items to be stored. The sink and stack of drawers offered up additional storage for what was remaining thus freeing up space for a makeup drawer and an area to sit down and get ready.

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The bathroom is very narrow, so creating a walk-in shower that was easy to access was a must. Bypass glass sliding doors offer a wide opening and no interference from door swing. A corner bench offers a place to rest and assist with shaving. The shower system is adjustable in height for guests and also features a handheld that will reach the bench and make maintenance easier. A simple color scheme of white and blue helps lift the room off the earthy Saltillo floors. A combination of matte and polished finishes achieved a calming affect paired with delicate pastels that complement the soft curves of the fixtures.