Edgy Update

The homeowners were looking for additional storage, a tub that a full size adult could soak in and a luxury shower. Besides an updated look, another goal was to work with the existing tile and there were no spares. The typical 60” tub space doesn’t fit a typical sized adult, but we eliminated relocating the tub which would significantly reduce the size of the vanity and significantly diminish our budget with moving the plumbing and tile fill-in. So we begin to research and visit showrooms to see what our options were. The new generation of standalone tubs offered a comfortable seating position with enough depth to completely submerge yourself in water without having to ‘scrunch’ down. In order to update the shower, we pushed the door to the walls limits with a minimal curb and added a corner bench with two types of shower heads for different showering experiences To gain storage we removed the unused make-up counter and opted for a linen cabinet to separate his and her sides of the vanity. We also offset the sinks to allow each owner a stack of drawers for storage and a wider counter space to spread out on.

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Below each sink is a pullout drawer to access items stored low easier. Of course, the solid base standalone tub offered the first piece of the puzzle for an updated look. We removed the outdated soffits to get the full effect of the cathedral ceilings and added overhead can lights as well as some sconces around each framed mirror. The smooth flat pebble floor was tested for barefoot comfort and passed muster for the shower floor as well as filling in the space around the tub. The color palette was set by the existing floor tiles and was warmed-up a bit by the neutral camel colored large format tile for the shower walls with added accents of an iridescent glass tile to highlight the brighter colors of the existing floor. Aurora Borealis granite was the perfect color combination for popping the floor tile colors and was able to be repeated on the window sill, the shower curb and bench, a nice touch.